Digital Twin Cities receives prestigious Epic Mega Grant

Epic Games has committed an 80000 dollar grant to support the game engine development in the Centre. The Digital Twin Platform (Research Area 0) makes use of the many capabilities that Epic’s Unreal Engine can offer to all researchers and partners in the Centre.


“The use of game engines in academia is still largely unexplored. Our experience so far is that Unreal Engine has been a very powerful and flexible tool for visualization and user interaction to explain and communicate research to the “non-academic” world, says Lead Developer Vasilis Naserentin.

The grant will enable the Digital Twin Cities Centre to add real-time integration of sensor data into the Digital Twin Platform and also support the development of a toolbox for scientific visualization in Unreal Engine. Such visualization functionalities include heat maps, streamlines, glyphs, contour plots, isolines, isosurfaces, clipping, slicing, and volume rendering.

For more information please contact Vasilis Naserentin (