research areas

The research activities of DTCC are driven by current opportunities and challenges of digitalisation in the planning and design of sustainable cities, the development and utilisation of digital twins. The activities are fuelled by advanced modelling, simulation, visualisation and auralisation. Research is carried out in 8 Research Areas (RA) and 7 milestone projects in close collaboration with the stakeholders of the centre. Each RA is led by a scientific and an industrial lead. New knowledge and practices as well as innovations integrated into the Digital Twin Platform will be made available to centre stakeholders and to the centre external organisations through educational programs, seminars and workshops.
The interdisciplinary research of the centre will be organised around eight main research activities. The centre will connect to the public partners as well as available standards and existing initiatives through the Digital Twin Platform.f

RA 0 - digital twin platform

RA 2 - Architectural & Structural Design

RA 4 - Modelling & Simulation at the District Level

RA 6 - Visualization & Auralization

RA 1 - urban planning & design

RA 3 - Digital Construction

RA 5 - Modelling & Simulation at the City Level

RA 7 - Data Management & Integration

work packages

Innovation & Education