Visualization & Auralization | RA 6

Research Area Leads

Liane Thuvander – Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers

Åsa Andblad –  Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park

Main Objective

With its generic content, RA6 contributes to DTCC and across the different RAs by strengthening communication and dialogue abilities through advanced as well as proper visualisation and auralisation.

Urban planning and design deal with complex problems – creating liveable, inclusive and environmentally adapted cities – which requires collective knowledge. Hereby, it is necessary to communicate and collaborate with different stakeholders. Digital 3D-models with a high degree of interactivity offering advanced simulation and visualisation can facilitate this. Key questions here are how to integrate, model and visualise both qualitative and quantitative data in a digital twin to represent social and environmental parameters influencing urban qualities that affect humans in development and transformation projects. Further questions concern the appropriate level of data visualisation and abstraction of representation without losing richness of information, not at least in relation to collaborative learning potentials and targeting different stakeholder groups. Finally, questions of what types of visualisations and media provide good understanding of space and spatial perception need to be explored.