Urban Planning & Design | RA 1

Research Area Leads

Meta Berghauser Pont – Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers

Elin Haettner – White Arkitekter


Main Objective

The main objective of Research Area 1 (RA1) is the development of decision support systems (DSS) to inform design and support research and analysis-based planning decisions. 

To identify specific project ideas for the research program and to ensure project ideas align with the needs of the users (industry, academia and public sector), the centre partners were involved, which resulted in four project ideas that will be prioritised in the initial research program for RA1: 

  1. Sustainability development assessment: A project aimed at evaluating the effects of design intervention in relation to sustainable development goals (building further on the Urban Calculator, a DSS developed at Chalmers).
  2. Circular economy in the built environment: A project focusing on connecting data and platforms aimed at the reuse of resources (materials, but also energy) in the urban environment.
  3. Stakeholder involvement: Focusing on integrating more qualitative data of cities to inform planning about perceived qualities (could also be used in participatory processes).
  4. Evaluate urban design post completion: Set up a long-term monitoring project following the planning and implementation of a flagship project in Sweden and analyse short and long-term economic, health and wellbeing impact.


To ensure involvement of the centre partners active in RA1, we aim to have different partners leading these projects. The research program will be revisited every year based on discussion with the centre partners where new project ideas can be added, adjusted or removed.