Urban Planning & Design

Develop, in collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, data- and analysis-based decision support for the practice of urban design and planning.

Source: Chalmers, Spatial Morphology Design Studio, Yan Zhang
main objective

Research Area 1 will ensure that DTCC contributes to urban planning and design in three ways. First, DTCC has an important role to play in urban planning and design as a platform that provides continuously updated and for planning and design relevant data. This data must have a high resolution to support design and planning at the level of design interventions such as changes in the street network or the addition of individual buildings. Second, besides making existing data accessible, DTCC can contribute to urban planning and design by collecting and monitoring currently not available, but essential data for decision making. Because information of human behaviour and not least their patterns of movement are essential for many other processes in society, we deem this data as most important to start collecting systematically on a large scale. Third, besides making data accessible and collecting new data, DTCC can play an important role supporting stakeholders to make decisions based on simulations to forecast the response of design interventions when no measured data is available.

Research Area Leads
RA1 - Lars Marcus

Lars Marcus

Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers

RA1-Elin Haettner

Elin Haettner

White Arkitekter