Digital Twin Platform | RA 0

Research Area Leads

Anders Logg – Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers

Björn Skoogh – Sweco


Main Objective

The development of the Digital Twin City Platform is a research project in itself and RA0 will seek to answer the following research questions:

  1. How should a digital twin city platform be designed to support and integrate a heterogeneous collection of data sets, methodologies and use-cases?
  2. How can the digital twin city platform provide an automated process to generate all data sets required by the supported methodologies and use-cases from raw data?


In addition, the Digital Twin City Platform shall

  • – be developed as an open-source project;
  • – be based on open data;
  • – provide all centre activities with input data;
  • – integrate all tools and models developed in the centre;
  • – assimilate all output data generated in the centre;
  • – function as a vehicle for dissemination of results.


In particular, the Digital Twin Platform shall

  • – use Lantmäteriet as the primary raw data source;
  • – use CityJSON as the primary data model;
  • – develop a pipeline for city model generation from raw data to CityJSON;
  • – develop a server-based architecture for running simulations (via a REST API);
  • – develop a user-interface and visualization framework in Unreal Engine.

Image: The Digital Twin Platform is an open and scalable system of databases, software, processes and expertise that together support the activities of DTCC. The diagram illustrates the flow of data from external sources (databases or sensor data) to support perceptualisation and utilisation within the Quadruple Helix (Public Sector, Citizens, Industry and Academia). Data is also augmented and complemented by modelling, simulation and physical and virtual prototyping