Milestone project “Twinable” releases new results

Milestone project “Twinable” releases new results

As part of the DTCC Milestone Project “Twinable” new results have been released in form of 2 short videos and a publication.

The milestone project is led by Alexander Hollberg and Liane Thuvander (Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering) and involves several DTCC partners from the public and private sector. Much of the development work has been done by PhD student Sanjay Somanath (Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering).

Procedural Digital Twin Generation for Co-Creating in VR

Join us as we showcase an early-stage development of a Digital Twin in Virtual Reality for civic engagement in a new urban development project. The project focuses on an automated, procedural workflow for creating high-quality Digital Twin models. In our paper, you’ll see the realistic representation of green structures and learn about the challenges we faced.

Partners: Chalmers, AFRY, Landvetter Södra


AR for building permits and citizen engagement

Join us as we showcase the latest in AR technology. This innovative solution would allow residents to visualize their intended building projects in AR as part of the building permit application process. It will not only allow residents to get a better understanding of their own projects, but also give their neighbors a visual representation of what the house will look like on site. This technology can also be used to gather resident’s opinions on major urban development projects.

Partners: Chalmers, Mixtive, Linköping municipalty

For more information please contact:

Alexander Hollberg

Sanjay Somanath