New DTTC project “Twin Re-Fab” approved

New DTTC project “Twin Re-Fab” approved

Last week the DTCC Board approved the final milestone project financed by the centre in its first period (2020 – 2024). “Twin Re-Fab” will develop a workflow for circular renovation and reuse based on digital fabrication and robotic construction techniques.

The project is led by Malgorzata Zboinska (Chalmers) and Henrik Malm (FOJAB) and includes the centre partners Liljewall, Tengbom, NCC, FOJAB, and Chalmers. The overarching purpose of is to enable the combination of existing and new building components in line with the principles of circularity and reuse in construction. Project lead Malgorzata Zboinska highlights that specific applications of digital twins for renovation and reuse purposes have not yet been explored in depth. “With this project we want to demonstrate how geometric data about building components can usefully guide hands-on architectural design of machine toolpaths for robotically assisted fabrication in a sustainable way”.

Twin Re-Fab is one of 9 milestone projects in the centre and will finish in the end of 2024.

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